Creating a Name and Brand for Your Nonprofit

Access our free naming and branding worksheet to create an identity for your nonprofit organization. 

You’re starting a new nonprofit – congratulations! This is an exciting time. 

It can also feel a little overwhelming, especially when choosing a name and brand for your organization. As you know, what you name your nonprofit is critical to your image.

Whether you are naming a completely new organization or re-branding an existing nonprofit, use the free Naming and Branding Worksheet to guide you as you walk through this important process and establish your identity.

How To Name Your Nonprofit

Are you starting a completely new nonprofit? Or are you, perhaps, considering a complete re-brand of an existing organization? Either way, one of the most important things you will need to do is to come up with an impactful name. 

The name of your nonprofit organization is critical to your success because it will help tell potential donors and beneficiaries about your mission, as well as establish credibility and ensure your organization becomes recognizable in the community. 

Coming up with a name that will stand the test of time, however, can be a daunting task. How do you come up with something that accomplishes all of the above, but isn’t already the name of another charity or business?

We created the Naming and Branding Worksheet to walk you through a nonprofit naming checklist, giving you the tools and resources you need to brainstorm and, eventually, select the best name possible for your organization. To begin, download the worksheet above and read it through.

Next, bring together a very small team of key stakeholders in your organization. While this exercise can be done on your own, having more than one mind in the brainstorming session can be highly effective.

Together, you’ll walk through each of the steps in the nonprofit naming checklist found in the worksheet. Think through the first couple of questions listed, then circle some keywords or phrases that best describe your nonprofit or your mission. If working with a group, write all of these words on a board or a separate piece of paper and circle those that are repeated. 

Pro Tip: If you don’t yet have a mission and vision statement solidified, walking through that exercise before naming your organization may help. You can get guidance with that process here.

You’ll then use the Golden Circle exercise in the worksheet to determine the impact, strengths, and focus of your organization. Remember – don’t get so caught up in the ‘what’ you do that you forget the ‘why.’ It is often the ‘why’ that your audience will connect with the most!

Next up is the fun part – it’s time to brainstorm the actual name of your nonprofit! Take a look back at the words you wrote down during the first two exercises. Then, add more that you feel are relevant to your organization. Try mashing up a few of these words to see if any strike you as a good name. 

And, once you have a few potential names picked out, evaluate each one by asking yourself the questions listed in the worksheet above. If you can, take your favorite options to some additional individuals and ask for their feedback!

We have no doubt that you’ll have a fantastic name chosen for your nonprofit organization in no time. If you’re interested in more tips and information about naming a nonprofit organization, read this blog

Looking for what to do next? Learn about nonprofit case statements, how they benefit your organization, and how to write one here.

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