Establishing Your Nonprofit’s Mission & Vision

Use our free worksheet to create the mission and vision statements for your organization.

Mission and vision statements are critical business tools for all organizations, but especially nonprofits. 

A mission statement explains what your organization currently does, while a vision statement outlines the impact your nonprofit hopes to have in the future. And neither can (or should!) be written overnight.

That’s why we developed our free Organizational Toolkit for Mission and Vision Statements. Use these worksheets to guide you through the process of developing these essential tools with your team!

About Donorbox

Donorbox aims to provide nonprofits with simple, effective tools to manage their fundraising activities, form better relationships with their donors, and build sustainable growth for their organization.

As one of the industry’s top fundraising platforms, Donorbox offers a variety of products, including donate buttons, embedded fundraising forms, custom fundraising pages, Text-to-Give, Peer-to-Peer, crowdfunding campaigns & more.

Donorbox is free to sign up, with no contracts and no montly fees. Along with the lowest processing fees in the industry, we have all the tools you'll ever need to get your mission from start to sustainability to success!