Bringing In More Volunteers For Your Animal Charity

Download our Animal Charity Volunteer Application template to get started on gaining new volunteers for your organization.

If you are an animal charity – especially an animal shelter – you likely rely on the help of several volunteers to keep your organization running smoothly.

Building a solid base of volunteers you can trust starts with an organized application process, including a well-built volunteer application.

Use our free Animal Charity Volunteer Application Template to help you create your own effective application and bring in more volunteers for your nonprofit.



How To Bring In More Volunteers For Your Animal Charity

Volunteers are often the backbone of many nonprofit organizations. Their gifts of time and talents can help in so many ways, especially with organizations that require a lof of hands-on work – like animal charities, including animal shelters and rescues. 

Animal shelters can use volunteers in almost every part of their organization, including shelter care, grooming, and animal socialization as well as at fundraising or awareness events and opportunities. Volunteers can also help with adoption paperwork, social media posting, general upkeep of the facility, and so much more.

But building a solid foundation of reliable volunteers you know you can trust to show up and put in the work when it is needed can be easier said than done. 

It all starts with creating an organized application and onboarding process that enables you to not only bring in new volunteers, but better understand where their talents and interests lie, as well as how often and when they are able to help. 

Here’s a quick guide to building and sustaining your volunteer base: 

    1. Get organized – First things first, you should determine exactly what you need volunteers for as well as who will manage them, and how. You should also create a basic volunteer job description that outlines general responsibilities and expectations. 
    2. Create an application – Once you understand exactly what you are looking for in a volunteer, create an application based on your needs and the job description. Use our Animal Charity Volunteer Application Template above as a guide!
    3. Start recruiting – There are many ways you can recruit volunteers. Post your application on your website, blog, and social media channels, and send an email or post card out to your supporters. Set up a booth at a local volunteer fair or other community events and be sure to distribute flyers around town. You may also want to reach out to area businesses, schools, and clubs to see if they’d be interested in sending volunteers. And don’t be afraid to put in a personal phone call to anyone you feel may be a good fit! 
    4. Onboard your volunteers – Be sure to give your volunteers all the tools they need to succeed through an impactful onboarding process. During this process, your volunteers can learn more about your organization and their specific roles, as well as fill out any necessary paperwork, such as a media release form or liability waiver. 
    5. Keep your volunteers engaged – Just like with donors, its much easier to keep a current volunteer coming back than it is to recruit entirely new volunteers. Do this by showing appreciation for their generosity and dedication and keeping them engaged through a volunteer newsletter, thank you letters and events, and more.

Looking for more details and ideas to give your volunteer base a boost? Check out this blog for a detailed step-by-step volunteer recruitment process. And don’t forget to download our Animal Charity Volunteer Application Template to give you a head-start on creating the best possible volunteer application for your animal charity!


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