Say “Thank You For Volunteering” With This Powerful Template!

Use this to write impactful thank yous to your volunteers, strengthen your relationships, and encourage engagement.

Volunteers are an essential part of extending your organization’s capabilities—allowing you to do much more than you can do with staff alone. 

Volunteer Engagement: Thank You Letters is a FREE template that helps anyone write a personal, heartfelt letter—and offers inspiring examples to make it easy. 

Encourage your volunteers to continue offering their time and talents in the future!


How To Use Volunteer Thank You Letters

Volunteers are a crucial part of just about every nonprofit. Some would even call them the heart and soul of their organization. Relying on volunteers to carry out your mission means learning how to keep these great folks feeling appreciated and encouraged. Unfortunately, some nonprofits overlook this important step of gratitude by neglecting to send volunteer thank you letters. 

In addition to showing your thanks, volunteer thank you letter appreciation means your volunteers are continually reminded to show up at your functions, your office, or wherever they give their time—preventing your organization from having to go through the time-consuming task of recruiting new volunteers. 

Volunteers who feel appreciated are also more likely to share your mission in their communities, potentially building a network of new supporters and additional helpers. The best way to keep your volunteers is to personally acknowledge the work they do with your organization and make them feel like part of a community. 

Our free volunteer thank you letter samples and templates take all the guesswork out of what makes an impactful letter of appreciation—allowing you to focus on the personal details that make your letter of appreciation truly stand out. Once you’ve filled in the template, here are a few ways to make things personal.

Individual feedback is much more effective than general statements. Highlighting something that only applies to the volunteer you’re thanking will go a long way in making the letter have the impact it’s meant to. Volunteers want to know how their specific contribution is making an impact and where their unique talents fit into furthering the mission. 

Complement your volunteers appropriately, or even provide heartfelt feedback on how they can improve. Explain how their contribution put smiles on the faces of the homeless folks they served meals to, or helped clothe a family who was struggling. Call out the number of people they’ve helped, or the specific impact their donation is making in your organization. Overall, let them know you see their contribution as individual, and see their hard work as personal to you and your mission. 

Share their story to make them feel special and appreciated. User-generated content is a useful marketing tool, not only on social media, but also in your emails and letters. Using volunteer stories can help you build loyalty and trust with current and future volunteers. Showcasing how much you care in your Instagram stories, newsletter, etc., makes your volunteers feel cared for. 

There are many volunteer thank you letter examples. But if you truly want to keep your volunteers coming back again and again, you must stand out and offer original forms of recognition that other nonprofits do not provide. The best nonprofit volunteer thank you letters are those that acknowledge the work volunteers do with your organization and help them feel like part of your community. Thanking your volunteers the right way can help your nonprofit save money, provide better support to beneficiaries, increase contact with the greater community, and attract greater expertise. If you’re looking for more ideas on how to thank your nonprofit helpers, check out Donorbox’s 30 Volunteer Appreciation Ideas to Grow Your Nonprofit in 2022

Download our Nonprofit Volunteer Thank You Letter Template above to save time and increase the impact of your volunteer thank-yous. 


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