Help Your Donors Give More Crypto and Stock

Use this guide to teach your donors how crypto and stock donations work – and why they’re beneficial to all involved! 

Donating crypto and stock has a ton of perks for both nonprofits and their donors. But those perks aren’t always clear – and your donors might think these donations are more complicated than just giving cash.

Good news! The process for donating crypto and stock is super easy with Donorbox and The Giving Block.

Download How to Explain Crypto & Stock Donations to Your Donors for a detailed look at all the benefits, plus an email template so you can easily share the process with your donors.


Why is Educating Your Donors About Crypto and Stock Donations So Important?

As technology continues to advance, so does fundraising. Over the years we’ve seen the rise of giving tech like online donation forms, on-site donation kiosks, tap to pay, digital wallets, and text-to-give – all of which rely on advanced technology. 

While stock donations have been around for decades, never before has donating stock been so easy. Before it would involve contacting a broker directly to make the exchange. Now, donors can do it right through your online donation form with the Donorbox’s integration with The Giving Block – but your donors may not understand this yet. 

On the other hand, cryptocurrency is a relatively new technology that has been wildly popular with Millennials and Gen Z. But many crypto owners and users don’t realize how easy it is to give crypto to nonprofits. 

Both crypto and stock donations come with significant tax benefits for donors and result in more overall giving. 

That’s why educating your donors about these types of donations is so important! Without proper education, they might miss out on the opportunity to give more and receive those crucial tax benefits. Many crypto and stock holders don’t realize how easy the donation process is with modern technology. 

Use How to Explain Crypto & Stock Donations to Your Donors as a cheat sheet to get your donors up to date with everything they need to know, including the awesome benefits, easy process, and big impact on your nonprofit. 

This will result in more donations for your organization, greater tax benefits for your donors, and stronger donor relationships. 

The included email template can easily be edited for any platform, from social media to short-form video. Be sure to highlight both the benefits and how these types of donations impact your important work! 

To learn more about this integration, check out this blog. Watch our Crypto & Stock Giving 101 webinar featuring The Giving Block co-founder Alex Wilson. 

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