21 Tips for Stronger Faith-based Fundraising!

These simple strategies have seen proven results, try them today.

Is your faith-based organization looking for ways to increase donations?

We’ve put together 21 actionable tips you can use to raise more money, faster. 

Since 2014, Donorbox has been helping faith-based organizations grow, and we’ve compiled our years of experience in this guide. Enjoy!

How To Optimize Your Faith-based Fundraising

Fundraising is getting tougher, and countries like the US and UK are seeing fewer people than ever attending houses of worship. So how do you make the most of your fundraising efforts? Fortunately, you can optimize your faith-based fundraising by bringing your giving strategy online. 

Let your congregants fundraise for you with Peer-to-Peer.

One of the most exciting ways faith-based organizations are fundraising online is by initiating challenges where congregants can participate and help raise funds. Peer-to-Peer Fundraising lets your loyal supporters raise donations for you by mobilizing them to start their own rewarding & effective fundraising campaigns.  

So how do you launch a Peer-to-Peer campaign? Simply create a “master” campaign for whatever you wish, and invite supporters to create their own connected donation pages that share your mission and raise money for your cause. Your supporters can personalize their donation pages and share them with friends, family, and co-workers!

There are endless ways to fundraise with Peer-to-Peer: challenges, marathons, scavenger hunts, you name it! Let’s say it’s the holiday season and your church is starting a building fund. One idea might be to ask supporters to raise money by building wacky gingerbread houses and asking their friends to donate via their Peer-to-Peer pages. You can even incentivize your congregation with prizes! For instance, whoever raises the most money for their gingerbread house, wins something special. To go even further, you could invite everyone who donated to come to your next service and see the gingerbread houses in person—boosting faith-based fundraising and attendance!

Provide a smartphone alternative to cash gifts

Not everyone has cash, cards, or even Apple Pay, but everyone has a smartphone. Text-to-Give lets supporters donate by simply sending a text to a phone number or an abbreviated short code. You can display the number on whatever screen you may have at the front of your church, mosque, or temple, and supporters can give right from their seats. 

The mobility of Text-to-Give is great for encouraging recurring gifts since with platforms like Donorbox, supporters can repeat their text donations even faster the next time they donate. 

Enhance your offering plate with QR codes

Does your house of worship pass an offering plate? Raise money by posting a QR code at the bottom of the plate so those without cash can still make an offering. The more options you provide for donating and the more convenient you make it for your supporters to give, the more chances you’re creating to receive gifts. Faith-based fundraising with advanced QR codes reduces friction and gets supporters into your donation form by letting anyone with a smartphone scan a QR code and donate in an instant. If you’re looking for the best QR codes out there, Donorbox’s advanced codes are ad-free, offer unlimited scans, and even track the source of the donation.

Turn your events into digital outreach opportunities 

There are all kinds of ways for faith-based organizations to creatively fundraise—and another great place to start is with event ticketing. Do you have a holiday play or special event planned for this year? Donorbox Events lets you sell free tickets in order to gather email addresses, collect valuable info from your community, and expand your outreach. You can also sell paid tickets to enhance your faith-based fundraising in whatever way works best for your organization. 

If you’re looking for a comprehensive platform for your faith-based fundraising, Donorbox has you covered. Enjoy this free resource, and let us know if we can assist you in your faith-based fundraising efforts in the future. 

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