Use this Donor Stewardship Checklist to Thank Your Donors

Follow the steps in this checklist to ensure you are appropriately engaging with and showing appreciation for your supporters.

It’s cheaper to keep an existing donor than bring in a new one. But if you’re looking to retain donors year after year, you must steward them through consistent engagement and acknowledgment.    

It’s also important to remain transparent, share impact, and personalize your outreach when contacting your donors.

If this sounds like a lot to keep track of, we have the perfect resource for you. Download this Donor Stewardship Checklist to find tips and templates that will help you better engage and thank your donors. 


How To Acknowledge Your Supporters And Boost Donor Retention

While many organizations are primarily focused on finding new donors, nonprofits should put just as much effort – if not more – into retaining current supporters. That’s because keeping a donor has been proven to be more cost-efficient and take fewer touchpoints than bringing in someone completely new to your mission. 

Why? Well, your current donors already know and care about your cause. Clearly, something has already prompted these supporters to give – you just have to make sure they want to continue to do so in the future. 

There are a few ways to help boost donor retention, including:

  • Acknowledging every gift quickly and accurately 
  • Making sure supporters feel appreciated and needed
  • Showing donors how their gift was used to support your mission

Successful donor stewardship plans cover these points through consistent and transparent communication and include tactics such as customized donation receipts, personalized thank acknowledgments, detailed impact reports, and more. This free Donor Stewardship Checklist walks you through the five key components of every stewardship plan, helping you ensure you don’t miss anything. 

In this checklist, you’ll also find two templates – one for donor receipts and another for donor acknowledgments. The resource will also walk you through the difference between these critical pieces of donor communication, and why each one is vital to your stewardship and retention plans. 

Looking to learn more about donor stewardship, retention, and acknowledgment? Tune into Episode 67 of The Nonprofit Podcast, Donor Acquisition vs. Retention – The Surprising Truth, and watch this Donor Retention + Acknowledgements webinar.

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