Make Your Donation Page Shine

Use these guidelines to create a better donation experience for your donors.

A donation page that looks its best is a key part of the donor experience. Your donation page should be attractive, easy to navigate, and – most importantly – include a powerful way to accept donations.

Donorbox has you covered! Set up your fundraising or crowdfunding page and then download the Donation Page Design Guide to learn how to make your page look as sharp as possible.


Tips to Improve Your Donation Page Design

An attractive donation page will help you share more about both your campaign and your cause while allowing you to bring in more funds for your important work. Here are some tips to keep in mind as you design your next Donorbox donation page: 

  1. Include compelling images and video. Too much text can overwhelm a potential donor and make them leave your page before making a donation, whereas compelling images and videos can engage them with your cause. 
  2.  Use text smartly. While you shouldn’t have too much text on your page, the text you do have needs to do a lot of work. It should be easy to read, with a lot of white space on the page – meaning you don’t have walls of text. Use bold, underline, and highlight to draw your reader’s attention to the key elements of your text. 
  3. Brand your donation form. Donorbox makes it easy to customize your form to match your branding. Choose two colors, corner roundness, and a compelling campaign message to tie your form in with your other materials. Learn more about these features in this blog.

    A branded donation form builds donor trust – and makes them more likely to give!
  4. Make your donation page accessible. Accessibility is so important to ensure everyone can enjoy your donation page. Plus, it’s not hard to do! Learn more about accessibility in this blog. 
  5. Download our Donation Page Design Guide. Learn more about the perfect sizing for your images and how to optimize the look of your donation page in this free download. 
  6. Add a custom domain to build donor trust. Displaying your donation page under your custom domain means donors aren’t leaving your site to give, which builds their trust and can lead to more donations. See how you can add your custom subdomain to your donation page in this blog

If you need more guidance, check out this five-step guide to building your donation page. If you need some inspiration, we have 13 of the best donation pages for you to review.

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