Plan A Successful Church Event

Download our easy-to-follow planning timeline and checklist to make your next church event a major success.

Church events are fun, high-energy ways to reconnect with your congregation, mingle with members of your community, and raise money for your church.

But with limited staff and resources, running a stellar church event can feel impossible. Don’t worry – you’re not alone. 

To limit the church event stress, focus on organization. Use this Church Event Planning Checklist to help even the smallest of teams stay on track for an incredible event.


How to Plan An Outstanding Church Event

Church events are tried and true ways to connect with members of your community. But it’s no surprise that planning and hosting church events can take time and resources that most churches simply don’t have. With some careful planning, any church can launch an event to reach more people and raise some much-needed funds for important church initiatives. 

Church events are fantastic ways to raise money for a specific cause, like a new church building or Sunday school initiative. If you need some help choosing the type of event you wish to host, we have a list of 15 creative and engaging church fundraising events to get you inspired! 

Once you choose the type of event you’d like to host, download the Church Event Planning Checklist. This will serve as your guide for all steps of the planning process, from creating your committee and finding your volunteers to building your run-of-show documents. 

The checklist is laid out on a timeline beginning with your pre-planning meeting, where you’ll establish all the essential details of your event like timeline, event committee, and budget. 

Creating a budget is one of your first major planning steps, and for good reason. Since church events mostly take place on your church grounds, you don’t have to worry about venue pricing. But expenses like food and beverages for your guests, entertainment, and any special equipment rentals can add up fast. It’s crucial to create a budget that is within reason and will make for an event people actually want to attend, but won’t cut into your fundraising or recruitment goals. 

From there, the checklist takes you through a timeline from five months out to your post-event to-do list. Every step of the way, there are helpful reminders and tips to keep you on track for a successful – and effective! – church event. 

Learn more about how to raise revenue with church events in this blog.

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