Bring in More Church Donations with a Giving Kiosk

Download this resource to learn exactly how a giving kiosk works and why it’s such a powerful tool to boost church giving!

With all the buzz about donation kiosks lately, you may be wondering if your church should consider getting one. Is it worth it for your church to invest in a donation kiosk? Do they really make that big of a difference?

The short answer: yes! With the ever-changing landscape of church giving, no church can afford to leave out any crucial fundraising tools. Download Can A Giving Kisok Boost Your Church Giving? to learn the seven ways donation kiosks help churches raise more. 

Must-Have Fundraising Tools for Churches

With tons of fundraising options out there, it can feel impossible to choose which tools your church must invest in. Often, churches have a limited fundraising budget – and an even more limited staff. You need tools you can trust, that will bring in a lot of bang for your buck without exhausting your small staff.

That’s where Donorbox MinistryMatters comes in. Donorbox MinistryMatters is our dedicated pillar for church fundraising with tools, resources, and expert guides to help you raise more. 

Here are some must-have tools to add to your church fundraising toolkit – 

  • An attractive, mobile-friendly donation form. This gives your congregants an easy option for online giving. 
  • Text-to-give. Many churches use text-to-give to encourage more contributions during services. All your attendees have to do is text a custom keyword or unique campaign ID (depending on your plan) to a number and they’ll receive a link to your donation form. 
  • Quick giving through digital wallets. Donorbox’s UltraSwift™ checkout streamlines the process for donors by allowing them to use their preferred digital wallet. Plus, QuickDonate™ allows donors to repeat their previous gift with just one click. 
  • A donation kiosk. Download Can A Giving Kiosk Boost Church Giving? to learn the seven reasons why churches must consider setting up a giving kiosk to capture more in-person donations. 
  • QR codes. Quickly connect your congregants with your online presence – perfect for collecting online donations, getting more volunteer signups, and sharing recorded sermons. A free QR code is automatically generated with every Donorbox campaign. 
  • Peer-to-peer fundraising. This lets your top supporters fundraise on your behalf, which boosts your reach and brings in more donations! 

These tools are a crucial part of any church fundraising strategy. The ultimate goal should be to have as many ways to collect donations as possible – so you don’t miss out on anything! 

Watch this short video to learn more about how Donorbox helps thousands of churches boost their giving.

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