Evaluate the Strength of Your Fundraising Form

Use the Are You Fit to Fundraise? Checklist to find ways to improve the online giving experience for your donors.

Your online giving form and the donation page it lives on are two of the most important tools in your fundraising strategy. So how do you make sure it is in tip-top shape? 

Use this free Are You Fit to Fundraise? Checklist to evaluate the effectiveness of your giving form today!

In the checklist, you’ll also find strategies you can use to make your form stronger and bring in more donations for your mission.


How to use the Are You Fit to Fundraise? Checklist

No matter where you are on your fundraising journey, whether you’re just starting out or your organization has been bringing in gifts for several years, it’s always a good idea to take the time to evaluate your giving tools and update accordingly. And that includes one of the most important tools you have – your online giving form!

But it can be hard to assess your own form without knowing what features and best practices make an effective giving form and donation page. That’s why we’ve put together the Are You Fit to Fundraise? Checklist – it functions as a quick quiz that walks you through your giving experience and what should be included in a strong giving form.

Using the Are You Fit to Fundraise? Checklist is easy. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Download the free checklist above – print it out if you prefer!
  2. Evaluate your nonprofit’s online giving form by reviewing each item in the list and awarding yourself points. We recommend having the form open on your desktop and mobile device! Give yourself zero (0) points if you either don’t have the feature or it needs a lot of help, one (1) point if you see a little room for improvement, and two (2) points if you think you’re doing awesome!
  3. Tally up your points and determine your fitness level.
  4. Make a plan for improvement – nearly every giving form has something that can be adjusted!
  5. Use the checklist to learn more about how to use Donorbox to give your giving form and donation page a boost, without the need for coding or web-design expertise.

Looking for examples of optimal fundraising pages to help you design the best giving form for your organization? Check out this blog!

We also encourage you to give this episode of The Nonprofit Podcast – Donation Page Best Practices that Convert – a listen to learn more about making sure you are fit to fundraise.  

Best of luck!

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