Learn Why Text-to-Give is Crucial for Church Fundraising

Improve your church fundraising strategy by understanding how useful text-to-give is for churches and learning the best practices. 

You know how tricky it can be to collect church donations in an increasingly cashless world. Your parishioners want to support you – it’s up to you to provide an easy, secure, and cashless way to give. 

That’s where text-to-give comes in. Download 8 Reasons Why Your Church Needs Text-to-Give to learn more about how your church can leverage this tool to bring in more donations.

Plus, learn four best practices to make your text-to-give campaigns a success.


How to add text-to-give to your church fundraising plan

To raise more money for your church, it’s vital to give donors as many ways to support you as possible. Online giving, in-person methods like donation kiosks and text-to-give, and easy automation like donor-empowering recurring giving are the keys to making church giving successful. 

However, adding all these additional ways to donate may feel daunting at first – especially if you have limited resources to work with. 

Adding text-to-give to your fundraising strategy doesn’t have to be a big task! 

First, download 8 Reasons Why Your Church Needs Text-to-Give to understand all the ways you can use this tool to raise funds. You can also share this resource with your church leaders to get their support.

Once everyone understands the value of text-to-give for churches, enabling it on your Donorbox campaign is easy.

Simply go to the “Integrations and Add-ons” section on your Donorbox account. You’ll need to choose between the basic plan, which involves a longer text-to-give number and a unique ID for each campaign, for $19 a month. Or you can choose the short code plan which allows you to create a custom keyword and use a shorter code instead of the longer text-to-give number. The short code plan is $50 a month. Both plans allow you to use text-to-give for as many campaigns as you would like. 

Then, come up with a plan for how you will include text-to-give. Follow the four best practices outlined in 8 Reasons Why Your Church Needs Text-to-Give to make sure your congregants understand how to use this feature and to make it as easy as possible for them to give. Learn more about how to use text-to-give in your church in this blog

You’re ready to start accepting text donations! Use text-to-give at your next church event, your regular service, and even include it in your newsletter to make giving easy.

Looking for inspiration? Check out these 10 Successful Text-to-Give Campaigns.

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