Expand Your Capacity to Accept Tithes

Add these seven strategies to your church fundraising playbook to receive more tithes. 

The sacred act of tithing is getting more and more difficult for your congregants in a world that’s constantly competing for their attention. Coming up with a new way to reach tithers can feel daunting, especially if your church has limited staff and resources.

That’s where tithing online comes in. Download 7 Ways to Collect Tithes Online to learn about seven powerful and easy ways to boost tithing in your church and help connect more church members with God.


How to start collecting tithes online

Churches have a unique opportunity to use online giving tools to grow church giving and ultimately connect more people to the sacred act of tithing. But for many churches, building an online fundraising plan can feel impossible in the face of limited resources and staffing. 

The good news? Online giving doesn’t take a lot of work to get started and it can have a huge return on investment (ROI) for churches who work smarter, not harder.

Even with limited resources and fundraising know-how, the right tools can help boost tithing and overall giving to your church by making it as easy as possible for your donors. There’s no need to be an expert at church giving to get started! 

First, download 7 Ways to Collect Tithes Online to learn seven robust ways to accept more tithing – without a lot of work on your end. These strategies include mobile and contactless giving options and utilize tools that everyone has these days, such as smartphones and digital wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay. 

Then, make sure you have a fundraising platform that does everything you need while streamlining your workflow. Donorbox has all the features required to add these seven online tithing methods to your fundraising strategy. Plus, it’s affordable and easy for all skill levels. You can learn more about our church fundraising pillar, Donorbox MinistryMatters, here

As you compile your fundraising strategy, you’ll need to remind your parishioners how important tithing is. It’s not just a way to support your church – it’s a vital act honoring God. Ultimately, it’s an act of worship that brings one closer to Godliness! Use our 15 tithes and offerings messages in your next service to reiterate the importance of this act.

We also have a list of 25 bible passages that provide insight into the meaning of tithing to help you communicate this message to your church and start collecting more tithes online.

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