Make Church Connection Easier Than Ever

Use QR codes in these seven inventive ways to inspire more giving and connection with your congregants.

QR or quick response codes are everywhere these days. With one quick scan on a smartphone, someone can easily get connected to a website. But many churches aren’t fully utilizing this technology – and they’re missing out on some big opportunities. 

Download 7 Ways Churches Should Use QR Codes to learn how these handy codes can help your congregants forge deeper connections with your church, tithe quickly and efficiently, and get more involved in your community. 


How to Use QR Codes in Your Church

Almost everyone knows how to use QR codes these days. We use them for menus at restaurants, for more information on commercials, and yes, even in churches! But how to best utilize this technology in a way that makes sense for your church isn’t always clear. 

To add QR codes to your church, you first need to understand how they work. Every Donorbox campaign comes with a free, automatically generated QR code that you can edit and download as a PNG or SVG file. You can test out your QR code by clicking “QR code” on the campaign of your choice and scanning your desktop or screen with your mobile phone. Most smartphones have a QR code scanner built in to the camera app, or you can download an app separately. 

Once you understand how easy it is to use QR codes, download 7 Ways Churches Should Use QR Codes to learn about the possibilities this tech offers. QR codes help connect your congregation to your online giving form for smooth donations, your virtual services to boost attendance, and more! 

Incorporating QR codes into the administrative practices of your church doesn’t require a lot of technological know-how. Simply post QR codes around your church building, in your printed newsletter, at your volunteer sign-up sheet, and in your lobby. Most of your congregants will bring their smartphones with them to your church and will be able to easily reach whatever information you’re trying to share with them. 

You may need to encourage your congregants to use the codes at first. Remind them how easy it is to quickly access websites from just one scan and enjoy a more connected church! 

Learn more about our dedicated church pillar, Donorbox MinistryMatters, here. Watch this short video with Dr. Stan DeKoven to learn more about how Donorbox MinistyMatters helps churches grow and serve God.

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