Learn Which Nonprofit Org Chart Works for You

Download this guide to see the different organizational chart types in action and learn how each works.

An organizational chart helps nonprofits establish their workflows both internally for staff and leadership and externally for donors and grantmakers. But with many different options, it can be tricky to know which one is the best for your organization.

Download 6 Types of Nonprofit Organizational Charts to see examples of each type of org chart. We also explain what each type means and how they function.

How to Structure Your Organization

There are several things you need to establish as you start your nonprofit. How your organization will run – and who is in charge – is a key feature to set up right away. This helps avoid confusion and clarify workflows for each team in your nonprofit. 

But it can feel daunting to figure this out! Here are some tips to help. 

    1. Get buy-in from your leaders and staff. You may not have a full staff yet, but those you do have can provide insight into how they think their department should be structured. Also, your board members can share their opinions about the structure of your organization, especially if they have former nonprofit experience.
    2. Figure out the key leader of your organization. Will your executive director be the primary decision maker, or will your board share that responsibility?
    3. Ensure every staff member has a direct report. While your staff may have varying levels of autonomy, it’s a good idea for each staff member to have someone to report to. This means everyone has accountability, but also support!
    4. Download 6 Types of Nonprofit Organizational Charts. Familiarize yourself with the different types of org charts available for nonprofits and see examples of them in action. This can help you determine which org chart makes the most sense for your nonprofit and can even inspire you to try a different kind of structure.
    5. Be flexible. The structure of your organization should never be static. Yes, it should be clear so everyone knows their role, but feel free to make changes if something isn’t working. Your structure will also change as your organization continues to grow and hire new staff, so be sure to revisit your organization structure annually. 

Having a clearly defined organizational structure will make your nonprofit more efficient. It’s also crucial for applying for grants, connecting with major donors, and onboarding new board members. 


Happy organizing!

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