Get Your Giving Tuesday Campaign on Track

Use this calendar to execute your campaign tasks for your most successful Giving Tuesday yet!

Giving Tuesday takes place on November 28th this year.

Every year, donors around the world support their favorite nonprofit organizations during a global day of generosity. This helps many nonprofits keep their missions going – but to make the most out of Giving Tuesday, these nonprofits have to do a lot to prepare. 

We have you covered with a must-have calendar that helps you plan out your campaign creation, touchpoints, and post-Giving-Tuesday strategy. Download this calendar, share it with your colleagues, and return to it often to ensure you don’t miss any of these key dates.


How to Use this Giving Tuesday Calendar

Giving Tuesday was founded in 2012 to inspire generosity around the world. It takes place the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving in the United States and is in part meant to remind consumers to be philanthropic during the hectic holiday season. 

For nonprofits, this day marks the kick-off of giving season – the time when some nonprofits make the majority of their contributed income for the year. A solid Giving Tuesday campaign can raise thousands of dollars for your mission and set the tone for the rest of your year-end giving. 

The name of the game for Giving Tuesday is preparation. Preparing starts in October and runs up until the day before Giving Tuesday. You’ll need to complete tasks like getting your toolkit together, collecting stories and images of your mission in action, and crafting your social media posts and emails.

Allowing plenty of time to create these materials – and get buy-in from your team – will result in a more engaging campaign. 

That’s where the 2023 Giving Tuesday Calendar comes in. Download this free resource to keep yourself on track. Your Giving Tuesday campaign will have unique needs, so feel free to add your key milestones to this calendar. This is designed to be printed, shared, and marked on – make it your own!

After preparation comes the day of Giving Tuesday, an often hectic and exciting day filled with email and social media outreach. Make sure your fundraising tools are running smoothly and keep an eye on your goal thermometer. Then, follow the calendar for suggested steps to analyze the effectiveness of your campaign and start preparing for year-end. 

We have a ton of resources for Giving Tuesday, including this 2023 Giving Tuesday Toolkit and this Giving Tuesday Campaign Ideas video to inspire you.   

Happy fundraising!

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