Get More Donations with these Strategies

Download this free resource to find 11 tried-and-true strategies to boost your fundraising efforts and bring in more donations for your nonprofit.

Whether you are new to fundraising or have been working in development for a while, the question often at the top of your mind is likely, “How do I get donations?”     

The answer isn’t necessarily simple – there are many ways to capture gifts from supporters, and what tactics you choose often depends on your audience, capacity, budget, and other factors.

But there are a handful of fundraising strategies that we have found work well for just about any nonprofit. Now, you can find them all – plus tips on how to execute them – in this free downloadable, 11 Strategies to Get Donations for Your Nonprofit.

How To Get More Donations For Your Nonprofit

The most crucial role of any fundraising manager or development director – getting donations – may sound simple. But we all know that it can be far from easy, no matter how experienced you are!

In the 11 Strategies to Get Donations for Your Nonprofit downloadable resource above, you can find several proven tactics and best practices to help you grow giving for your nonprofit. 

The first strategy – and one of the most important – is setting up an online donation page and giving form. After all, you can’t accept online donations without one, and, in today’s digital world, you must offer donors an online giving option to avoid missing out on critical funds. 

Make sure this donation page is set up to be mobile optimized so that your donors can access it on any device, and also ensure it is designed to be both visually appealing and to match your brand. We also recommend streamlining the form as much as possible, making the giving experience quick and simple so that your donors don’t get burned out before they reach the end. 

Having a superb online donation page will help you capture donations in a number of ways because you can share the link or QR code for your form in a number of ways, from email to social media to print pieces and beyond.  

Additional tried-and-true fundraising strategies detailed in this free resource include enabling recurring donations, segmenting your email campaigns, mailing out fundraising appeals (no – snail mail is not dead!), showcasing the impact of your mission, and more. Download it now to see them all and find even more details in this blog!    

We also recommend printing out this list and passing it around your office or bringing it to your next board meeting. You may even want to keep it handy at your desk to reference whenever you need new ideas! This way, everyone at your organization will be on the same page when it comes to raising funds for your mission. 

Happy fundraising!

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